Week of February 8th

Grade 5: Continue with Mile Run Testing this week

Grades 1-4


4 Laps running/Animal Walks


Each Valentine we will pull out of the box will be assigned an exercise, each exercise will match to each letter of the word heart, putting together a “Chipper WOD.” Each movement will be performed for 1 minute each.


Examples of exercises: Squats, push ups, sit ups, deadlift, sumodeadlift high pull, push press, strict press, burpees, lunge jumps, jumping jacks, planks. Each class will be different as we will have new students choosing every class period. Have fun and happy Valentines Day!!!






Cash out:

Finish with 100 single jumps and/or double under practice! Our list of double unders is growing every day!


By Sunny Sands CrossFit

Week of February 1, 2016


Fitness Testing Prep:

Running Skills/Drills

Then: 1 Mile for time

Jump Rope Practice

3 Rounds of 2 Minutes Single Jumping for reps, Rest 1 Minute Between rounds

Cash out:

50 Bus Drivers

50 Dead Bugs


By Sunny Sands CrossFit

Week of January 25, 2016

Track Meet Week!!!

Tuesday, Grade 3

Wednesday Grade 4

Thursday, Grade 5


Warm Up: 5 Laps

Dynamic warm up

Skill: Sumo Dead lift High Pull

Continue with single jumps and double under practice!


2 Rounds

3 Minutes Single Jump Rope

1 Minute Kettlebell SDHP

Cash Out:

50 Bus Drivers







By Sunny Sands CrossFit

Week of 1/19-1/22/2016


Warm Up:

3 Laps easy running, 2 Power laps


Walking Lunges

Ostrich Walks

Forward Rolls

Knee Hugs to squat

New Skill:

Wall Walks (Practice walking up and back 2 x)


3 Rounds of:

2 Minutes Single Jumps (Practice good single jump technique)

1 Minute  Sit Ups

Rest 1 Minute Between Rounds


By Sunny Sands CrossFit

Week of January 11,2016


Welcome Back Everyone!

Warm up:

4 Laps, 3 light running, 4th lap, drill

Then: Review Alphabet Name Game

All students are assigned a number, the number chosen represents a name, the letters in the name represent a movement. We will move through the exercises as a class to review the learned exercises as part of the WOD.

A: 50 Jumping Jacks

B: 20 Sit Ups

C: 30 Front Squats

D: 15 Push Ups

E: 1 Minute Wall Sit

F: 10 Burpees

G: 20 Shoulder Press

H: 20 Air Squats

I: 30 Jumping Jacks

J: 15 Sit Ups

K: 10 Push Ups

L: 2 Minute Wall Sit

M: 20 Burpees

N: 40 Jumping Jacks

O: 25 Burpees

P: 15 Shoulder Press

Q: 30 Hollow Rocks

R: 15 Push Ups

S: 30 Burpees

T: 15 Front Squats

U: 15 Unweighted Deadlifts

V: 15 Thrusters

W: 20 Kettlebell Swings

X: 60 Jumping Jacks

Y: 10 Hollow Rocks

Z: 20 Push Ups

Then: Jump Rope Practice

Jump to “Jump” Single jumping, keeping track of how many singles you can earn during the song jump! This number will be your reps you will keep track of for the month.. building up to a double under!!!


Cool Down/Stretch with Yoga Cards

By Sunny Sands CrossFit

Week of Dec. 14 WOD

Continue with warm up of the month..

3 Rounds of:

5 Inch Worms with Push up

10 Knee hugs with a squat

10 Walking lunges

10 A-Skips


Skill Review Game

Air Squat

Front Squat



Hollow Rocks


Pose Running Form

Strict Press

Shoulder Press

Push Ups

When music is on, students participate in a loco motor skill, when music stops, students freeze and do 5 reps of one of the skills. The first student to do all 5 reps in correct form gets to roll the dice to determine the next loco motor skill.



By Sunny Sands CrossFit

Week of December 7 WOD

We will continue with the warm up of the month:

3 Rounds of:

5 Inch Worms with Push up

10 Knee hugs with a squat

10 Walking lunges

10 A-Skips


Standing long jump to qualify for the track meet

Then: 3 x Max Hollow rock holds



By Sunny Sands CrossFit

Week of November 30, 2015

Warm Up:

5 inch worms with a push up

10 walking knee hugs w/ squat

10 Lunge jumps

10 unweighted push press

10 A-Skips


1 x 400 m. run warm up

1 x 400 m run for time

Tabata Planks



By Sunny Sands CrossFit

Week of November 9, 2015


Running Skills and Drills

Work on the kettle bell swing


3 Rounds for time:

Run 400 meters

21 Kettle bell swings

12 Push Ups

Cash Out:

Plank Ladder

By Sunny Sands CrossFit

Week of November 2, 2015 WOD

Skill of the month:

POSE Running


Warm Up:


5 Rounds of

20 High Knees

20 Heel Flicks

10 Lunges

5 Tuck jumps

Running Skills:

A Skips, Wall/Pull Drill



As many Laps As possible in 12 minutes

Cash Out:

Plank Ladder

By Sunny Sands CrossFit