Week of 8/31/2015

Grade 5 California State PE standards:

Fitness Concepts 3.1

Demonstrate how to warm up muscles and joints before running, jumping, kicking, throwing, and striking.

Flexibility 3.6

Perform flexibility exercises that will stretch particular muscle areas for given physical activities

Body Composition 3.7

Sustain continuous movement for an increasing period of time while participating in moderate to vigorous physical activities.

Movement Concepts 2.1

Explain the importance of open space in playing sport-related games.

Lesson Objectives

  • The students will learn and demonstrate a proper warm up including dynamic exercises that mobilize ¬†and stretch the body for sustained exercise.
  • The students will learn the basic mechanics of the air squat and push ups.
  • The air squat mechanics will be reviewed by teaching the puzzle squat drill.

  • Students will learn the TABATA method of interval training and then participate in a tabata set of squats, and Push Ups.
  • Between TABATA sets, students will be allowed 2 minutes of Freeze dance as a rest interval.
  • After the interval sets, and if time allows, we will move into movement concept 2.1, reviewing the rules of Chinese jump rope, they then will be allowed to play the game for the rest of the class period.
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Week of 8/17/2015

The squat is the basis of our athletic movements. Therefore we begin with the squat.

Phase A:
Squat Push up Deadlift Shoulder Press L-sits

Basic warm up (5-10)

(Follow the leader run, basic rotational movements to warm up joints, light stretching)

Basic skill work(10-15)The Squat Go over good squat technique. Use road rash squats or poles to define problem areas. (CFKM January 2006) Workout (10)

8 Minute AMRAP (As many rounds as possible)

Run 20 M
10 Squats
Bear Crawl Back

CrossFit Tag

During cool down go over the key points of the squat.

Ticket out the door– What did you learn today?

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